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  • 6 of 10 UK mortgage holders have life cover
  • secure your loved ones’ well-being
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  • critical illness cover; heart attack,cancer
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Some Facts You Need to Know About Mortgage Life Insurance

Before you take on a mortgage life insurance policy, it is best that you know the details and facts related to the policy. This way, you know what to expect from your coverage. When also make an application, you will also have to look at your options, so it will be helpful to know some key facts regarding a mortgage life insurance product.

Repayment Mortgage or Interest Only Mortgage?

You will need a different kind of coverage for different kinds of mortgages.

The advantage of getting a level term life policy is that you can refinance your mortgage, since the coverage remains level. On the other hand, the mortgage life insurance for a repayment mortgage costs less.

Single Life or Joint Life?

The advantage of a mortgage life insurance is that you have the option to cover just your life or include your spouse in the coverage. With a joint mortgage life insurance, the common choice is a first death plan. This means that the policy will pay when either you or your spouse pass away.

Additional Options

Aside from the basic life insurance cover, you can also opt for additional benefits:

Please note that for terminal illness or critical illness benefit, as well as the life insurance cover, there will only be one payment for the total claimable amount.

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